Pub Battles “Colors” 2

The original “Colors” post can be found here.

I may have jumped the gun, assuming that an additional loss step would be needed since there was not a retreat option that absorbs a Hit, but then I thought, “Why not make a retreat a voluntary way of avoiding a hit? Boom Simple. It may seem minor, but stacking 4 blocks high was a bit unstable. Three blocks High for a full strength unit is much more stable.

These are certainly not official rules! I’m merely testing out an idea.

A fresh unit, a unit with two hits, and the lone Colors.

Nomenclature: A stack of blocks is called a unit. The block with the label is called the Colors. The blocks below the Colors are simply called blocks.

Combat works pretty much the same, except there is no SPENT condition, each hit suffered is tracked. Retreat is now voluntary, you may always retreat to avoid taking a hit, as long as you first suffer any hits in excess of one. Retreating units simply push back friendly units in their way. Pushed back units face the direction they were pushed.

1 Hit: You could retreat, or hold and suffer one hit.
2 hits: You must suffer the first hit and then you could retreat, or hold and suffer one hit.
3 Hits: You must suffer the first 2 hits and then retreat, or be eliminated. Sometimes, you would rather be eliminated, than push back friendly units!

Each hit removes one block, the colors are removed last. There should never be blocks without Colors on top of them.

No matter how many losses are suffered, as long as the colors remain, the unit attacks with three dice.

Bombardment: Hits from bombardment cannot eliminate Colors. Lone Colors may always retreat from bombardment.

To maintain FoW, detachments always have 3 blocks, just like a full strength unit, but they are eliminated with one hit, unless to retreat from bombardment.

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