2nd Second Bull Run: “I’ll expect you to beat them.” Playtest Demo

Longstreet’s entrance on Day 1.

I chose this quote from Jackson to A.P. Hill, because it defines the Second Bull Run at all levels. Lee was expecting Jackson to beat them as well, and only reluctantly sent Longstreet back through the Manassas Gap at midday on the second day. This resulted in the Union rout and defeat only because Pope refused to believe that Longstreet was a threat until too late.

This is Day 1. Longstreet is pulled back behind Manassas Gap in the evening. On day 2 he can enjoy an easy victory if Jackson can hold out. If he chooses to rejoin the battle, then regular victory conditions apply.

The Second Day gets sorted.

And Now I have completed the Second Day. Spoiler Alert! Don’t read any further unless you want to see who wins before you see the video. I have amped up my editing game, and have managed to put together a quicker and clearer video! Only about 4 minutes of your life you’ll never get back!

This game features the first time I’ve video’d the second Day of the battle. This is where it gets really interesting and gives a unique feel because Lee must decide whether or not to bring Longstreet back through the Manassas Gap. He certainly doesn’t want to if he doesn’t have to, but if Jackson can’t hold out another day without Longstreet’s Corps…

If you want to recapture the Confederate success, just act like Pope, as though Longstreet skedaddled and ain’t ever coming back. Send everyone against Jackson, and totally ignore Longstreet. This is especially effective if the Union is already weakened from the first day’s fighting, and NEEDS to believe that Longstreet ain’t coming back.