Experimental Rules: Not Official!

This post will be regularly updated as I work with possible changes to the official rules. Nothing here is official! The guidelines for any new rule are these:
-They must add to the authentic feel.
-They must be clean and smooth.
-They must focus primarily on Corps level command operations.

Artillery can bombard if spent.

Clarification: When a block moves to contact with an enemy block, it is squared up with the block it contacted, along the face the majority of the block is closest to.

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Mr. Q

I semi-retired at 47. I suffered a sever brain injury at 25. I have written 3 books about living with brain injury and have had a regular column in the Brain Injury Alliance of MN's quarterly mag since 1999. I received my BA in English with honors in 2014. One of my avocations is developing simulation games. Weather permitting, I enjoy a round of Disc Golf whenever possible.

8 thoughts on “Experimental Rules: Not Official!”

  1. Hey there, I’ve heard that pub battles 3.2 rules were released. I currently have the 3.1 rules I got with one of their games, do I need to ask them for the 3.2 rules? Is there a big difference? Thanks!

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    1. The only thing I really noticed is that the hidden reserve rules are spelled out a little better, and some of the rules are a little more clearly explained. No rule has been added or changed. If you wish, you can ask for the current rules.


      1. Thanks for the answer! By the way, I’ve recently bought their Austerlitz game and am very impressed, I think it’ll be my favourite board game for quite a while. However the paper map doesn’t feel very durable and I’m very worried about tearing or breaking it accidentally due to the high price which I bought the game for. I’ve been thinking of upgrading to their canvas maps, but there doesn’t seem to be a canvas map option there on their website. Do you think it’d be possible for me to get one if I emailed them and asked?

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